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After half a decade of preaching about the virtues of bootstrapping, the GitHub founders are finally getting in bed with a major VC firm to the tune of $100 million — that’s $1 million per employee at the still-small startup.

GitHub’s business is supplying social coding tools for developers; the investing firm is Andreessen Horowitz; and this round is indeed the biggest Series A that’s ever come across our desk. It might be the biggest Series A of all time (we’re still doing some research on that score, digging through the dotcom files). It is, however, the largest investment Andreessen Horowitz has ever made, a firm rep told us.

“We’ve been talking to VCs for a long time, and we never found someone with a shared vision,” said GitHub co-founder Tom Preston-Werner in a phone conversation with VentureBeat today. But after reading Marc Andreessen’s Why software is eating the…

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